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Marketing Automation Empowers Email Marketing


Garnet & Gold is a Florida State University apparel retailer with shops in Tallahassee and an e-commerce website. After two years managing their social media, Sachs Media Group upsold Garnet & Gold on marketing automation. Garnet & Gold charged Sachs Media Group with handling their email marketing in addition to their social media channels. Coincidently, Florida State University’s football team was going on a historic run winning the ACC championship and National Championship. With MMAP setup to handle their email marketing needs, Sachs Media Group was able to quickly capitalize on these time-sensitive revenue opportunities.

ChallengesEmpowering Email

Garnet & Gold provided Sachs Media Group an email list, but years of collecting email addresses built a stale list of nearly 260,000 emails addresses. Without any understanding of who owned these emails, Sachs Media Group had little direction for their messaging. Also presenting a challenge, Sachs Media Group need to move quickly if they wanted to harness the emotional excitement surrounding FSU’s football team and translate this excitement to additional sales.

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Marketing automation empowers your email marketing with the ability to build one-on-one relationships with consumers. By segmenting your lists based on behavior, you can deliver messages that correlate with their needs at that particular point in the sales process.

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